US Freestyle East Recap- Spoiler: It Was Successful


  This just in from Iceman.  Another good job in promoting Freestyle!!!   East Coast Round of IJSBA US Freestyle Championship took place in Revolution Cable Park in North Fort Myers, Florida on August 27th of 2016. Here are the top results:   CHRIS ANYZESKI / Juno Beach, FL  - Winner of the BEST TRICK 1200 JOHNY HAVELL / Brandenton, FL  - Winner of ...

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BALTIC FINALS 2016 -IJSBA Baltic Championship Results


    IJSBA is please to present the results from the 2016 Baltic Finals which were held in Estonia on August 19- 20. A story a pictures will follow shortly.  Congratulations to all winners and participants.   RUNABOUT GP Place Race # Name C Moto 1   Moto 2   Moto 3   Moto 4   Total 1 11 Marcus ...

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Rhaas Products Returns As Vendor To The 2016 quakysense World Finals


IJSBA is very pleased the share the following news from  Rhaas products regarding the items they will display at the 2016 quakysense World Finals. At Rhaas Products we strive to bring the best quality parts to the industry and price them so everyone can  afford them. We do that because we don't just make parts, we ride, and have for most of our lives. The industry is  filled with overpriced parts and many are substandard quality, and we all deserve better. Our motor mounts were first  created to find something better than 30 year old technology designed for motors of less than 50 HP. Today's motors  can put out more horsepower than was ever imagined when the first jetski was invented. Although horsepower was  increased, motor mount technology stayed the same. All motor mounts were still vulcanized   rubber and glued together. Our proprietary process to build motor mounts roots the urethane into the base to provide a mechanical lock  to keep the motor mount secured to the base. Our design of the threaded insert in the top of the motor mount does  the same thing, it locks into the urethane to prevent the mount from coming apart. The mounts are not bonded  together, they are molded together as a single structure. This structure does not want to come apart.  We started creating engine conversion kits for one reason, why should you be limited to run the motor that was  designed for your watercraft. If you want to run a Yamaha motor in a Kawasaki hull, we can make that happen. You  can now have an old watercraft with a modern engine producing much more power than the original engine. All our parts are created in our own factory, with full CNC machines and some of the best urethane  manufacturing techniques in the industry. We take pride in our quality and have total control over every aspect of  manufacturing. Rhaas Products idea for continuing improvement means that no product is ever finished being  designed, we are constantly making changes to improve the quality of the parts. We listen carefully to the riders and  build our parts to exceed their expectations. Our goal to make your riding experience as hassle free as possible.  

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First Portuguese Team Announced For 2016 quakysense World Finals: Samuka


Portugal has announced their first team of racers for 2016- Samuka!!! This group of riders are regularly found at international events competing fiercely and often making themselves the life of the party. We are certain we will have more than one press release regarding their plans for the quakysense World Finals.

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Less than 35 days to World Finals Update


Greetings to the Personal Watercraft Community.Just under a month until the end of summer.  The office is going full speed with the final countdown towards the 2016 quakysense World Finals.  The trade show is nearly full and we are receiving more calls and emails, each day, than we can handle.  Some people have already arrived at Lake Havasu City to ...

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IJSBA Spotlights 2016 Hall Of Fame Inductee Jacque Bryant


IJSBA is very pleased to share the following biography of Jacque Bryant.  Jacque's long career in IJSBA Racing has influenced, directly, or indirectly, every single person that competes today.  We are very much looking forward to honoring Jacque, and his contributions to the sport, this October 8, at the London Bridge Resort Convention Center in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  The ...

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Argentina To Send 10 Pilots To 2016 quakysense World Finals


Who puts the ten in ArgenTENia?  IJSBA of course! The IJSBA Affiliate is sending ten of their pilots to participate in and celebrate the 35th annual quakysense World Finals in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  Argentina boasted some of the most successful pilots at the 2016 IJSBA South American Championships.  We look forward to showcasing their results.

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Jet Renu Returns As World Finals Vendor


IJSBA is pleased to announce the return of Jet Renu cleaning products as a vendor at the 2016 quakysense World Finals.   Below is their official press release announcing their presence and their new products: Clean, Protect and Beautify with Jet Renu Cleaning Products. Jet Renu – Watercraft & Motorsports is a “Universal” Cleaning System! Unlike many other brands on the ...

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VP Fuel Pre Order Form For 2016 World Finals Now Online


  IJSBA is pleased to forward the pre order form to receive VP Racing Fuel at the 2016 quakysense World Finals. If youre going to use the best fuel at World Finals you want VP Fuel.  VP has been the official of IJSBA and World Finals for decades.  The form has the most commonly used fuels in PWC Racing.   The ...

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RIVA Racing Announces New Web Offerings with 2017 Riva Yamaha Limited Edition Build

IJSBA has received this exciting news from Riva Racing: NEW VIDEO ADDED! Check out our YouTube channel for the latest product info. RIVA 2017 YAMAHA LIMITED EDITION BUILD It's that time again! We are getting pumped for our 2017 Yamaha Limited Edition Custom Build release! Just a few more days! Last year's boat was so successful, we expect this year ...

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