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IJSBA And Asian Multisports Offers First World Series

It is with great pleasure that IJSBA announces a new World Series brought conceived by Asian Multisports Limited and supported by IJSBA Europe and IJSBA.  This three round series will carry points from the IJSBA [...]

Nauti Water Racing Releases 2019 Schedule

The Midwestern Region of the United States has another excellent season ahead with events in Kansas and Nebraska.  Please see the following schedule for Nauti Water Racing and stay tuned to ijsba.com for more news [...]

Sea-Doo Wins Award for FISH PRO Watercraft

The Sea-Doo Brand of Personal Watercraft has been the most winning brand of Runabout in the history of IJSBA Racing.  The 785 category of Runabout Racing was dominated by Sea-Doo in the 1990s.  Currently, the [...]

IJSBA Peru Releases 2019 Competition Calendar

IJSBA is pleased to share the 2019 Competion Calendar for the Federacion Deportiva Periana de Motonautica, the IJSBA Affiliate in Peru.  This exciting schedule has racing taking place in several great locations in this [...]

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