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/IJSBA World Finals General Information
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The IJSBA World Finals is the world’s premier event for all things Personal Watercraft. Now in the 36th consecutive year of operation, the IJSBA World Finals continues to be the unrivaled showcase of the human spirit in forms of engineering, athletic achievement, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. With our title sponsor, Quakysense, we further underscore the IJSBA’s goal of furthering high performance watercraft competitions. This sport is a mix of human athleticism and human innovation in engineering durable but powerful watercraft.

This year, the World Finals is brought to you by Blowsion.  Blowsion is the Personal Watercraft World’s unequaled leader in having performance, design, style, and innovation all under a single roof.  Founded, in the early 1990’s, by John Dady, Blowsion began as the vessel for an extremely artistically talented individual to express his passion for the sport.  Soon after opening, Blowsion’s visual creations became the most sought after paint designs for competitors and enthusiasts to sport on their helmets and watercraft.  Blowsion used their good fortune to begin investing in product designs.  Before long, Blowsion’s hoods, handle poles, and other accessories became the first choice for aftermarket modifications to a Ski.  Blowsion “Tubbies” were revolutionary in improving the handling of older watercraft.   Not content with leading the market in style and design, Blowsion sought to create the most extreme big air watercraft event by launching the annual Surf Slam in Pacific City, Oregon.  Today, Blowsion is operated by actual watercraft specialists, riders, and competitors.  If there is a cool PWC product it is either made by Blowsion or can be purchased from Blowsion.

The Blowsion World Finals is centered around the sports of Closed Course Racing, Slalom Racing and Freestyle Competition. Closed Course Racing has a starting line of Personal Watercraft dashing towards a first turn buoy and then navigating several laps through a buoy course. Slalom Racing is a timed event where registered riders maneuver around a buoy course in hopes of having the fastest time in their division.

Freestyle has individual athletes demonstrating tricks and stunts during a one or two minute routine for a judge’s score. Professionals, Amateurs, Juniors, and Women’s divisions will all bring hundreds of athletes from more than 50 nations to compete for the title of World Champion. Only the Olympic Games have more individual nations represented at a single venue.  Each year, an extreme Freestyle competition happens Saturday night, under the London Bridge to an audience of thousands.  The Saturday night show will take place again, this year, October 7, at sunset.

The World Finals contains the world’s only trade show full of vendors showcasing and selling the latest Personal Watercraft accessories and lifestyle products. This event is also where new models are unveiled from the leading watercraft manufacturers. Newcomers and experienced enthusiasts alike will always find something new at the World Finals that will further enhance their relationship with watercraft.  Several new products will be released this year and shown, for the first time, at the trade show portion of the Blowsion World Finals.  Be sure to stop in Blowsion’s booth to see exciting products.

Spectators and participants can find all of the information they need for attendance at the 2017 Blowsion World Finals by examining all of the links at www.ijsba.com/wf.

Questions regarding the event should be directed to the International Jet Sports Boating Association by emailing info@www.ijsba.com or by calling +1-714-751-8695 on Monday through Thursday’s from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm, Pacific Standard Time.