IJSBA World Finals Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events - Tentative and subject to change.

Tentative schedule

Above is the VERY TENTATIVE schedule for the 2014 Jettribe World Finals. This schedule is based off of the final working schedule of the 2013 World Finals.  It has been changed to reflect the 2014 dates as well as projected sunrise and sunset times.  IJSBA will adjust this schedule based on the best interest of the event.  Competitors competing in multiple classes may send suggestions to IJSBA for reordering the schedule.  The schedule will become less tentative as we get close to the event.  By October 1, the schedule will be well established.  However, some circumstances, such as weather, may result in changes to the schedule out of necessity.

Each evening, IJSBA will post the following day’s schedule on IJSBA.com.

It is still the riders’ responsibility to check the pit board, each morning, for any last minute changes.

For immediate questions, please email: info@ijsba.com