2015 quakysense World Finals

Welcome to the 2015 quakysense World Finals on-line competitor guide. By clicking on any of the links below, you will find all the information pertinent to your 2015 World Finals participation.

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In Summary: To be eligible to enter to compete in a class at the 2015 Jettribe World Finals, you must have competed in two IJSBA Sanctioned Closed Course Races in 2015. To enter without being an alternate, you must have competed, in two events with at least one of the events being a Closed Course competition.

If you were a 2014 World Finals competitor and you have a compelling reason that you did not compete in 2014 (races cancelled, temporary medical, family emergency, etc.) then you may submit these reason(s) to IJSBA in consideration for being an alternate.  However, absent one completed Closed Course event in your 2015 history, approval is highly unlikely.

If you have competed in every race of a series (ie UWP/IJSBA Tour, Thai Watercross Series, The Alpen Adria Cup, etc.), all races held by your regional promoter (R5 Watercross, Great Lakes, etc.), or all races held by the national affiliate then you will not be denied a slot in the class(es) in which you competed.

The closing date for qualification is September 27, 2015.

You may not qualify for closed course racing by competing solely in endurance racing or freestyle events.


A competitor is purchasing an entry in a competition class consisting of limited spaces. By entering the 2015 World Finals you are requesting the exclusive right to occupy one of the allocated slots in that particular class. Because that slot is no longer available for purchase, irrespective of whether you racer the class, there shall be no refunds once an entry has been made. The no refund policy is subject to appeal to the IJSBA but will only be granted when there are very compelling reasons to do so. The IJSBA may require proof of such reasons. The $75 grounds fee is not refundable under any circumstances.


All participants at the 2015 World Finals must be current IJSBA or IJSBA-sanctioned Affiliate competition members. Both the participant and the Affiliate must have current status. Participants must be prepared to show proof of membership at rider check-in. If you do not have proof of membership such as a membership card, receipt issued by an IJSBA-sanctioned Affiliate, or receipt issued by an IJSBA-sanctioned promoter, you will be required to pay a $45 non-refundable fee for membership valid only for racing in the USA. Be prepared with proof of membership! Mandatory Grounds Fee

Each participant at the 2015 World Finals is required to pay a non-refundable $75 mandatory grounds fee. The fee is a cost associated with procuring, setting up, and maintaining the land used for the event.


Slalom is a stand-alone event. The Slalom Championship has no bearing on the Closed Course points. Slalom only entries will not receive additional wrist bands. World Finals Slalom competition is open to any rider who is a current IJSBA or IJSBA Affiliate member in good standing meeting the 2015 World Finals Competition Guide and age requirements, and riding a watercraft that meets the rules and guidelines of the 2015 IJSBA Rulebook. The four classes are Open Ski, Open Runabout, Sport Spec, and Junior Ski.