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2009 IJSBA World Finals
October 10-18, 2009
Lake Havasu City, AZ


Upstate Watercraft Promotions Governorís Cup August 1-2 (pdf)
Upstate Watercraft Promotions July 18 & 19 Toyota Water Jam (pdf)
Upstate Watercraft Promotions Round 3 June 28, Salisbury, NY (pdf)
Upstate Watercraft Promotions Round 2 June 27, Salisbury, NY (pdf)
UWP US Open event in Syracuse, New York (pdf)

Great Lakes Watercross Round 7 (pdf)
Great Lakes Watercross Round 5 (pdf)
Great Lakes Watercross Round 4 (pdf)
Great Lakes Watercross Round 3 (pdf)
Great Lakes Watercross Round 2 (pdf)
Great Lakes Watercross Round 1 (pdf)

2009 R5 WaterX Racing Series points Final Standings (pdf)
Rd8 Finals 2009 R5 WaterX Racing Tour (pdf)
Rd8 R5 WaterX Racing Regional Finals (pdf)
Rd7 R5 WaterX racing Tour (pdf)
R5 Water-XRacing Tour Overall (pdf)
R5 Water-XRacing Tour Round 6 (pdf)
R5 Water-XRacing Tour Round 5 (pdf)
R5 Water-XRacing Tour Rounds 3 & 4 (pdf)

Slalom World Records
Current records here (pdf)


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